United States Standard Molten Salt Reactor Design

By Richard McPherson

Over the past 60-years, the United States has not completed the nuclear fuel cycle.  As a result, Americans have been financially burdened by not enjoying energy independence and the economic security President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his advisors considered in preparing the “Atoms for Peace” speech he gave at the United Nations on December 8, 1953.

President Eisenhower and his advisors fully aware of the success in Idaho of the Experimental Breeder Reactor (EBR1) and the US Navy’s nuclear submarine reactor, wrote this paragraph.

“The United States knows that peaceful power from atomic energy is no dream of the future.  That capability, already proved, is here now-today.  Who can doubt, if the entire body of the world’s scientists and engineers had adequate amounts of fissionable material with which to test and develop their ideas, that his capability would rapidly be transformed into universal, efficient and economic usage.”

Against President Eisenhower’s speech from succeeding, were people already living inside the United States dedicated to not having Americans enjoy energy independence and economic security.  For the past 63-years they have been successful at denying Americans energy independence and economic security.

The Korean War (police action) ended on July 27, 1953, with some 109,898 U.S. Servicemen killed or wounded in action or non-combat from June 25, 1950 to its end.  The estimated cost can be best found in a book by Commander Richard E. Miller Jr. book, “Funding Extended Conflicts: Korea, Vietnam and War on Terror”, which in it he puts the cost of just the United States involvement in the Korean War at $1,001 billion from 1950 to the year 2000.

President Eisenhower and his advisors experience included two world wars, Korea and the great depression.  They knew the cost in American lives and the economic burden on working and retired Americans.  How could it be that American people and those they elect to represent their interests under the US Constitution has not created energy and economic security?  The only answer is individual self-interests, instead serving all 325 million plus Americans.  Communists and other leftists who in 1953, set out to deny America continuing freedom by preventing nuclear energy from helping to achieve energy and economic security have succeeded.

Just today an announcement came that two of the four V.C. Summer (Westinghouse) AP1000 reactors being constructed for SCANA and Santee Cooper in South Carolina are being abandoned.  The report simply resulted because the government and private sector were overcome by communists and other leftists instead of following President Eisenhower’s lead over the past 63-years.  The November 2017 election gave America hope in finally achieving energy and economic security.  Will we or continue to allow communists and leftists to lead Americans into slavery?  Or choose freedom?

America needs a Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) to capitalize on the 76,000 tons of partially used commercial nuclear fuels from operating reactors currently stored around the country as a fuel.  The stored partially used fuel provides the ideal opportunity to complete the fuel cycle, while providing 76,000 years of fuel for one 1000 MW MSR.  For two 1000 MW MSR’s fuel is available for 38,000 years, and so on…  You can do the math.  I know the technology.

In addition to a standard MSR design, (in my opinion), we need the Westinghouse AP1000, plus a small modular reactor (SMR) design from NuScale Power in Corvallis, Oregon.  Those three standard designs will help create an energy independent and economically secure America, while having safe carbon-free large ticket (high-value) export nuclear plants creating American jobs and 120-year plus relationships with other countries; also desiring to be free.

Richard McPherson has been in energy for over 63-years.  Richard spent 20-years in the US Navy where he got his start in nuclear power.  After retiring, he was the United States Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on “Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities, the Environment and Public Opinion”. He may be reached at 949-292-9104 or by email at rmcphe8888@aol.com