There is No Private Sector Nuclear Power Industry in China and Russia

By Richard McPherson

There is no commercial nuclear power industry in China and Russia.  It's all communist government sponsored as part of their goal of dominance ("control") over the United States as they set out to do operating with impunity under our laws in forming the Communist Party USA in 1919  (

Of 537 people elected in Washington DC, few are fulfilling their campaign promises, or living up to their Oath of Office; all should know the following Current Account Balances and the amount of national debt,  $21.3 trillion, plus another $114.3 trillion in unfunded liabilities ( most of them created:

  • United States Current Account Balance
    The US current account deficit widened to USD 124.1 billion or 2.5 percent of the GDP in the first quarter of 2018 from a downwardly revised USD 116.1 billion gap or 2.4 percent of the GDP in the last three months of 2017
  • China’s Current Account Balance
    China's current account surplus narrowed sharply to USD 5.8 billion in the second quarter of 2018 from USD 52.6 billion in the same period of 2017, a preliminary estimate showed.
  • Russia’s Current Account Balance
    Russia's current account surplus widened to USD 22.3 billion in the second quarter of 2018 from USD 1.9 billion in the same period of the previous year, a preliminary estimate showed.

The private sector commercial United States nuclear industry as it is fragmented today, cannot even hope to compete against the countries of China and Russia along with the Communist Party USA.  It's long past time all 537 people elected in Washington DC wake up and deal with the economic war being waged against us by China and Russia using nuclear power and their total treasury.

China and Russia hindering our advancement of commercial nuclear power ultimately increases the cost of our US Navy nuclear power; again, part of their goal for control over Americans.  Commercial nuclear power is part of our national security.  It's just not-being treated as such by many of the 537 people elected to represent our best (including security) interests as Americans.   

It's a simple 50/50 choice.

Work together so the United States competes in (“commercial” nuclear power), or not.  The latter choice accepts the path to American's eventually being controlled by other countries ideologies.  A situation our families fought, died and were wounded to prevent in two world Wars.            

Richard McPherson has been involved in energy, and national security including nuclear energy since 1963.