The Lack of US Navy Leadership is Not a New Phenomenon or Isolated to the Navy

By Richard McPherson

Reading writings about the lack of US Navy leadership because of the recent collisions at sea, did not just happen.  Erosion of leadership at all levels of our government has been a slow growing cancer for decades.  

The cohesion between the Chief of Naval Operation (CNO) and the newest recruit that makes up the Navy leadership has been in decline for decades.  Post-World War II establishment of civilian control over the Military shared with the Commander in Chief seemed logical at the time, and still is. 

What has not been recognized was the increasing communist influence much better organized during the end of World War II internally during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration upon realizing the United States was going to win the war in Europe and the Pacific.  Nor was the growing Muslim infiltration of the country including our government entities since their 1926 declaration in Detroit, Michigan, to take over America, stating One God One Aim One Destiny.  Look at the results in Detroit today.  While the Communist Party USA has been allowed to abdicate the overthrow of the United States, since its formation in 1919, the Muslims did not come out as openly until opening the Islamic Center opened in Washington DC on June 28, 1957; pretending to be a religion.  

Leftist’s groups trying to destroy the United States of America have expanded significantly over the past 60-years, helped by Presidents Carter, Clinton and especially Obama.  One need only look back at the 1959 election of Kennedy and Johnson totally consuming the Democrat party by bringing in all the organized minority groups that already had been adversely influencing public policy, The California Legislature by Joseph A. Beek, June 22, 1942.  American’s were again warned on January 10, 1963, by Representative A.S. Herlong, Jr., from Florida read the Current Communist Goals on the floor of Congress.  

The last effort I recall by a CNO to restore the chain of command was in 1980 by Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, when he put out his Zero Tolerance for substance abuse.  It was the same year women want aboard four Navy ships and the problems with lesbians, gays onboard our ships surfaced that were never dealt with.  Which had its start during 1969-1971, when blacks were not held accountable for riots and mutiny about aircraft carriers, and other vessels.  By 1980, the adverse civilian influence had infiltrated the military decision making from Congress, the White House and the Secretary of Defense on down to recruiting, boot camp and Officer Candidate School plus the Naval Academy. 

The Navy-Marine joint-ability of global force projection and response are the most important element of our military.  The Air Force since 1948 has been trying to dominate the DOD by duplicating the other services capabilities.  “The Army has become a new form of welfare for black families, with 44% of the enlisted being black.”  (Brigadier General, US Army 1982 at joint-service training meeting in Orlando Florida), which has adversely affected the entire DOD structure right up to forming the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971, which helped create the black dominated National Naval Officers Association in 1972.  

The lost basics of leadership, training, and execution of actions for safe navigation of vessels is apparent, as is the moral integrity of Navy leadership with what is commonly referred to as "Fat Leonard" bribery reportedly involving more than “60 Navy Admirals and hundreds of Naval Officers” with its ongoing destruction of the Navy.  The left is capitalizing on it by the hour in ways not recognized; leading to degrading our economy and national security to the delight of China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Iran to name just a few countries.  The knowledge to change for the better our national security is available everywhere, but it is not being used.  As just one example: the government is unable to deal with 3.4 million people in Puerto Rico.  How is the federal government going to deal with over 300 million Americans suddenly suffering the same plight if Iran and North Korea launch missiles in a EMP attack?

Richard McPherson, LCDR, US Navy (Ret), has been involved in energy and economic security (read national security) for over 50-years.