Obama/Hilary/Pelosi Care Terrorizing Older Families by Denying Medical Care

By Richard McPherson

This morning I visited with a World War II veteran.  I have known he and his family for many decades.  

After serving on Submarines and Commanding a Submarine Rescue Ship, he retired from the U.S. Navy in 1972.

Three weeks ago he had difficulty breathing and has been diagnosed with heart disease requiring surgery.

Because of his age what is commonly called “Obama Care” doctors are unable to perform the surgery.

His wife is being terrorized by the work of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, every Democrat member of Congress who voted on March 21, 2010 (219-212) for “Obama Care” (Affordable Care Act), and Supreme Court Members who upheld it.

He is far more worried about his wife of 60 plus years then himself.  Typical man.

Every American woman should be drowning the Democrats in phone calls for what was done to cause their family families to die as a result of lying to us about what Obama care was actually about.

  • Killing off Americans
  • Eliminating Full Time Employment
  • Pushing the United States into becoming a welfare nation.

The 219 to the 212 votes in Congress to pass “Obama Care”?

The 219 votes to deny medical care so older Americans would live in agony, and die while terrorizing their families were all Democrats.

The 212 Votes trying to save Americans lives and preserve the greatest health care system in the world, all Republicans.

Its long past time to take our great country back from those who want to kill off Americans by denying them healthcare, full time employment and being forced to live in a welfare state.

Get rid of the 219 Members of Congress who voted for Obama Care and deny the White House to a Democrat ever again to save American lives.

Wake up Americans to your funds being use to care for illegal aliens and others instead of Americans.

Keep in mind last September we saw the Obama Veterans Administration allow over 300,000 veterans to die by withholding medical care.