Facts, Fades and America's National Election in November 2016

By Richard McPherson

Over the decades, I have observed more and more people in public life squandering their lives and taxpayer funds by trying to create a legacy.  Think how much better America and the world could be by people living a legacy, instead of being focused on whatever their indoctrinated, instead of educated mind believes is important to leave a legacy.

Also over the decades, I have observed more and more people accept fades instead of facts to guide decision making.  Too many people accept what they see on television or a movie as the truth.  It’s fiction.  Actors telling stories far too many believe.  Too many people cannot separate fact from fiction affecting them and their families.  It’s destructive, demoralizing and detracts from the life possible in this great country we call America.

Babies are not born with the ability to separate facts from fiction.  What they learn is up to their parents.  By age three much of their mindset is already formed.  Children become a product, actually an image of their parents caring from birth to age three.  In 1950, women made up 37% and 97% of men were in the workforce.  By 1955, changes in public policy increasing taxes, was forcing both parents to work.  Government policy forcing both parents to work caused conflicts at home, which their children witnessed.

By 1960, 73% of children were living at home with both parents.  Also in 1960, already 5% of children were born out of wedlock, with 9% living with only one unmarried parent.  By 1980, external pressures and conflicts just 61% of children were living at home with both parents.  In 2014, just 46% of children were living with two parents.  While I don’t like just accepting percentages, look at the population in 1950, 1960, 1980 and 2014.

Year    Population
1950   179,323,175
1960   202,211,926
1980   226,545,805        
2014   317,297,938

Take time and do the math of the changes actual numbers of women in the work place and children living with two parents or those children living with only one parent.
As the population increases there are more conflicts and issues for everyone to deal with.  One thing has not changed: from birth to three years most of a child’s mindset has been formed.  It has been clear for decades, public policy forcing both parents to work, and increasing divorces harmed children’s minds values and their actions.  Children grow up imitating what they learned at home.  No day goes by, that reports of people in America robbing, shooting, rioting, setting fires, breaking out windows in buildings and cars, and disrespecting authority in every way possible.  From rioting on aircraft carriers 40 plus years ago, we see “Police Groups Blame Obama Black Lives Matter for War on Cops.”  Did these people killing cops spend their first three years of life in homes with two caring parents?  Politicians lie television and the media supports them - one communist goal.

My mother in Washington DC got this: http://www.communistgoals.com/goals/goals.htm for her three children in 1963.  I never forgot for a moment what I read.  A copy is beside my desk.  I am old enough to see those goals realized.  How could this be happening in America” - is an often asked quiet question to myself.  Once those goals were being realized, coupled with both parents forced to work, higher taxes, with more-and-more children living in single parent homes was creating disrespect for American values, laws and regulations.  Illegal drug use increased, abortions were easy to get, and liberals were dominating thought in America.

Then the above hit my life in the U.S. Navy like a rock.  U.S. Navy sailors caught up in a fade… “antiwar protesting” created rioting onboard Aircraft Carriers demanding Jane Fonda’s antiwar show be shown.  It’s now been over 45-years.  My observation is we have been losing the America our parents fought and died for they expected we would care for.  

Facts no longer seem to matter.  Only fades creating by fiction, lies and purposely misleading liberals, the left, pushing America towards being a welfare nation.  No longer are most Americans educated with history to keep them from being misled.  Instead, too many Americans are like sheep being led to slaughter.  The 911 attack on New York and Washington DC and United Airlines Flight 93 brought down by brave Americans knowing they would be killed on impact, did so fully aware their efforts in the Boeing 757-222 high jacked in by Muslim terrorists would not hit another city and kill thousands more is no longer in American minds.  How can minds be so short?  “Fades over Facts”.  Indoctrination by the left lead by liberals instead of education.  Americans are kept busy being entertained by liberals.    

Like Rear Admiral George Tarraent on the bridge of an American aircraft carrier during the Korean War, asked in the Bridges at Toki-Ri, “Where do we get such men?”
On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, if such American men and women do not cast an educated vote, illegal and dead people’s votes, the 1963 communist goals just might be totally achieved to the detriment of the United States of America after 240 years.