Cut off People Receiving Taxpayer Funds to Overthrow the United States

By Richard McPherson
Any person receiving money or tax advantages from taxpayers who is working to overthrow the country should immediately be cut off from those funds.

There are about 94 million people age 16 and over not employed.

We the working (about 127 million full time) and retired (about 43 million) people in America are paying for them.  That means about 44% of the population is paying for the others including millions of illegal aliens to live here.

If we were energy independent about another 8 million directly would be working, with (using conservative multiplier) another indirectly/induced employed of about 14 million, making it about 22 million new jobs just by becoming energy independent.

By exporting oil & natural gas far more American jobs will be created.

If we were exporting our nuclear plants, instead of shutting them down early, they would provide millions of more jobs.  Plus, exporting our safer more reliable nuclear plants will create a relationship with those countries receiving them that will last over 120 years.

Today, the total United States debt is estimated to be about $68,000,000,000,000.  The population is 325,679,507 and increasing.  The per capita debt is about $208,794.  Much worse is the unfunded mandates created by members of Congress.
Today, the total United States unfunded mandates are estimated to be $107,161,906,785,105.  The population being 325,679,507, puts an additional per capita debt of about $889,651.

In total, the (per capita) individua debt on each American from members of Congress is about: $1,098,445.

A 2014 study found for each federal (taxpayer) dollar spent, it created $0.43 in new interest-bearing debt for taxpayers to pay.  That was 3 years ago?  What has members of Congress done to stop that?

And now Congress is on vacation?  Even as North Korea threatens the United States with nuclear weapons, leaders of Congress failed to call a special joint-session of Congress?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the 2nd quarter 2017, median weekly income was $859.  If a person works continually for 52-years, after living expenses, they cannot pay off their current (per capita) portion of the debt members of Congress has created.  Think about the burden on each American child being brought into this world, we have created by our apathy towards politics.

What are working and retired Americans going to do?  The number of people they are forced to support is increasing and they vote the same type of people into office more and more.  By now it’s easy to see the cities targeted by the left to control the vote to be able to put people in office, or reelect them that refuse to honor their Oath of Office to the Constitution, and provide for a better economy and national security.

Richard McPherson has been involved in energy and national security for 54-years.  He talks and writes about energy and economics as they relate to America’s energy independence and economic security.