You Have GOT to be Kidding Me!

By Curtis M. Hendel

The three young men (again, my words) were armed with deadly weapons in case they encountered resistance to their crime.  They came in with brass knuckles, illegal in most states, and one carried a knife.  All of these could easily result in death if used against a homeowner.  And in almost all states brass knuckles are considered a deadly weapon and felony charges are likely if they are used in the commission of a violent crime, such as beating a homeowner during a home invasion.

Unfortunately for the young men (my classification) they brought a knife to a gunfight, and the homeowner’s son was inside with a rifle.  There were words exchanged, and then gunfire.  Three future inmates paid for their crime with their lives.  Most would say they got what they deserved.

BUT, I saw the story on ABC’s morning show and read a story from another mainstream “news” source.  ABC called the youths “boys”.  The actual ages were 16, 17, and 19.  If you are old enough to hold a license and drive a car or pickup, then you are no longer a boy.  Boys don’t get to propel thousands of pounds of steel legally down public roads that could result in death.  They must be young men, not boys.  The other source called the three “victims”.  That is an interesting theory; those that forcibly break into a home to steal belongings with no regard for the privacy, rights, or life of a homeowner are now VICTIMS?

The press is driving a methodical campaign to mold public opinion to what they want to see.  They are not exercising their “freedom of the press”.  Freedom of the press is the freedom to tell the truth, not the freedom to make up the news or tell little white lies about what is going on in the world.

The Oklahoma story is just another example of how the press is driving what a free country believes.  Unfortunately, many in our great nation listen to the press and believe in what they say.  A great number of people no longer take the time to think for themselves, they are letting the press think for them.

Our nation was founded on fundamental values.  Freedom of speech, expression, of the press, the right to bear arms.  We are the great experiment, a great experiment in freedom.  But our fundamental rights are under attack.  Freedom of speech is good until you offend those that wish to destroy our nation.  Freedom of expression is great if you are on the fringe but not if you are a hard working American, proud of your roots and unapologetic in your rights.  The right to bear arms is constantly under fire (pun….uff da) from those that wish to disarm the populace.  An unarmed populace has helped many governments from that of Pol Pot, Stalin, and so many other despots.  And freedom of the press…..

Decades ago a generation came to fight a war to save a nation, the nation of South Vietnam.  They won almost every engagement.  They finished off the enemy when the enemy chose to launch one last, great effort to take it back.  Two groups, spineless politicians and the press reenergized an enemy on the ropes.  Walter Cronkite drove nails in the coffin by falsely reporting the Tet Offensive as a victory for the Communists.  Even as the North Vietnamese General Giap was ready to call it quits our politicians and press snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Over forty years later not much has changed.  Politicians are still spineless fools and the press is giving great credit to the likes of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the three “victims” in Oklahoma.

I’m a veteran. 

I don’t get it.

What do they have to gain from breaking down a nation that has done more for the world than most in history?  This is my question for those bent on breaking down the foundations of this great nation.  What do you have to gain from your lies and twisting of facts?  Is there some great conspiracy going on that I don’t know about?  Or are you just misguided?

Feel free to contact me any time to explain how criminals become heroes and the defenders of our nation become hated.  Whether it be military or law enforcement, how do you attack them?

Seriously, contact me any time….

Double dawg dare you to defend this….