The Grand Hypocrisy

By Curtis M. Hendel

About a week ago I had been thinking of something that had been on my mind for some time, trying to find a way to put it to paper so that it made sense.  Then, just days ago the story broke that would open the door.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Chicago had averaged over two murders per day, along with countless shootings, a new atrocity came out of the city.  Four black people had kidnapped and tortured an 18 year old, special needs man who had been an acquaintance of one of the young men.

On New Year’s Eve the victim’s parents had dropped him with one his “friend” for an overnight visit.  That turned in to him being kidnapped for several days.  During that time he was forced to drink water from a toilet, tied up, beaten, cut, threatened with death and screamed at.  They also forced him to make racial slurs against white people and our incoming President while screaming obscenities at him.  And to top it off they put it on Facebook Live.

The immediate reaction was one of rage from some, but surprising acceptance and forgiveness from others.  One Chicago official called it a prank pulled off by kids, even though three of them were 18 and one was 24.  A CNN commentator rebuffed a panel member for calling the act evil, saying that it was, instead, just a product of bad parenting.  The White House Spokesman said he had talked to the President about it but that Mr. Obama was unsure whether it was a hate crime or not.  All you had to do was watch ten seconds of the video to know that it was both evil and the perfect definition of a hate crime.

The reaction that was absent was the one where citizens rise up in cities across the country to protest, loot, destroy property and call for deaths.  This is where the grand hypocrisy shows its ugly head.  This is where the last eight years of growing racial tension loom large.

Had the special needs man been black and the attackers white you would have seen Black Lives Matter in the streets with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  The ACLU would have been demanding the heads of the young people and our President would have been on the podium immediately blasting the scumbags.

I will give the city of Chicago a pat on the back for not allowing the animals that did this to be released on bail.  They also charged them with hate crimes, which stands to bring harsher punishments if they are found guilty.  “If” they are found guilty.

The press has already buried the story, for the most part.  So I wonder if we will ever hear of prosecution or if they will quietly plea their way out of this.  The arrogant looks on the faces of the two men involved tell me exactly where they will land as soon as this is over and that there is no remorse what so ever in their hearts or souls.
I don’t know how this will all shake out, but for the good of our nation I believe that the reaction is as important as the crime.  The soft reaction shows bad things.  It shows that the press only cares about a victim if they are the right race.  Politicians and activists only pay close attention if the victim fits their profile, the profile that helps them to advance their own agendas.

We need to remember that a crime is a crime, period.  It doesn’t matter who is the criminal or the victim, we are all supposed to be Americans.  The racial turbulence of decades past is on the rise, but now instead of the KKK we have African American organizations demanding payback for things that happened two hundred years ago.
We are all responsible for what is in our own hearts.  If you look at somebody from the color of their skin instead of the content of their character that is on you and you alone.  We will never be perfect, but what we are seeing today must be crushed.

After Pearl Harbor and 9/11 we were one nation.  Is that really what it takes to put us right?