The Definition of Covfefe...

By Curtis M. Hendel

The latest scandal from the Trump administration, inventing a word to cause a reaction of foolishness from a wide spectrum of Americans.  Covfefe.  On the night of May 30th, a short time after a trip to Europe, President Trump sent out a late night tweet; “bad press, blah blah, they are creating their own stories, blah blah, covfefe”.  Ok, so the quote was much shorter and more coherent than mine, but that last word, covfefe.

The tweet stayed up for six long, grueling hours, tormenting those that are so bored they pay attention to President Trump’s tweets.  (Disclaimer, I voted for the man, pray he can cut through the static, but worry that his good ideas will be buried in political bureaucracy.)  It was national news by the next morning.  Never mind terrorism, Chicago’s murder rate, or the veteran suicide issue, what the heck is covfefe?

Since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of our beloved United States of America everyone has been in a tailspin.  Every move is criticized.  Trevor Noah of the Daily Show on Comedy Central is obsessed with Trump and recently compared his support staff to North Korea.  North Korea?  Every President has spin doctors of different levels.  The previous POTUS spent more time on spin than he did on golf, and he golfed A LOT!!!  The press has gone from reporting on solid stories to ones with “unnamed sources” and “allegations” and “possible legal issues”.  Very little in the press is hard news anymore.  Kathy Griffin, who has been seen hugging then businessman Trump now holds a severed head of him in a classless photo.  It goes on and on.

?Fact is, nothing is off the table anymore.  The first POTUS to soil the office and bring gutter humor to it was William Jefferson Clinton.  His Lewinsky affair and his blatant lie “I did not have sexual relations with that woman….” and “it depends on what is is….” set the table for the degradation of the office.  Not like we haven’t had bad Presidents before on both sides of the aisle, but lately it has gotten out of hand.

George W. was beaten like the perverbial dead horse.  He surely didn’t do everything great, but he held us together after 9-11 when we could have collapsed.  He also ran an effective beginning of the War on Terror, before the press and Congress backed us off.

President Obama was different though.  He took some ribbing, but if it got too extreme those passing it on were labeled racist.  It surely had to be true, Barack was so electric and energetic that if you didn’t understand it you had to hate black people.  Had you compared him to Kim Jong Un you hated those not like you.  If you questioned his use of the teleprompter you were a hater…

Back to covfefe.  Covfefe may just get a definition yet.  Covfefe, verb or noun (doesn’t matter), the act of being completely obsessed with a politician to the point where you lose all common sense; being politically stupid to the point of not knowing what you are fighting; being obsessed to the point of stupidity.

So that is Covfefe.  We are currently watching our nation in a state of covfefe to the point that we would allow NOTHING to be done by our elected officials as long as they watch Donald J. Trump’s twitter feed.  Even those of us who do not engage in covfefe are guilty of not calling on the carpet those that do.  Put down that twitter feed, use facebook as a tool to keep in touch with old friends, and save your important thoughts for a time when they can be expressed and listened to, not shot all over the internet like confetti on a windy day.  Be intelligent, pay attention to the important things, not a Presidential incomplete tweet that could be planted to screw with you or just a mistake.

In the end, who cares?  If you can find importance in that tweet and new word, let me know.  Otherwise,...