Terror Once Again Came to America

By Curtis Hendel

On September 17th terror once again came to America.  This time it was smaller in scale and only left one of the attackers dead.  There were injuries and property damage, but no innocents were killed.  The attack that occurred in St. Cloud, Minnesota was simple.  A Somali American attacked people in the mall there with a knife, asking some if they were Muslim and praising Allah.  He was killed; nine were injured, but was this still an important incident?

I have talked to several people that downplayed the attack.  “He didn’t kill anyone.”  “He only used a knife.”  “It was not a big deal.”  I would disagree.  This attacker showed that a single man with a common knife could still wreak havoc on a population.  Had there not been an off duty police officer there that had the ability to stop this man it would have certainly been much worse.  This attack will be in the minds of many people all over the Mid West when they consider going to public places that are seen as soft targets by those wishing to do us harm.  That is the goal of terrorism, to change our way of life.

Beyond that, this man showed us where we are the most weak.  In the 90s we were involved in the country of Somalia as civil war was causing mass starvation.  Unfortunately we failed miserably in that mission, as our warrior’s hands were tied and they had to follow terrible rules of engagement imposed by civilians.  In the end, Blackhawk Down happened and we tried to make up for our failures by bringing in masses of refugees from Somalia.  We have a huge population of these people in Minnesota and they have never truly assimilated to our way of life.  Since the beginning of the War on Terror, this community in Minneapolis has become a hotbed for the recruitment of future terrorists.

The recruiting in the Somali community here should have been a huge warning sign to those in power.  It has not been.  When we became involved in Syria we did much the same as we did in Somalia.  We attempted to run President Assad out without putting a huge number of our service members on the ground and hoped for a happy ending.  I don’t like the idea of sending our men and women into another war, but you can’t try to persuade people to change, make great threats, and then pull the plug when ISIS comes in.

Today we are trying to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees that have been displaced in their civil war.  The current administration is promising our safety while not possessing the ability to find out just who we are inviting into our country.  What we do know is that foreign terror organizations have promised to send agents into the United States to launch attacks against our nation.

The political climate today does not allow dissent from either side.  If you dare to disagree with bringing in masses of people that you cannot prove are not a danger you are considered a racist or hater of the oppressed.  The press itself is complicit, and will report the news as they feel it should be reported, not as the facts direct.

The War on Terror has been in full swing for 15 years now, and I don’t see an end in sight.  A lack of open conflict on the field of battle does not indicate peace in the world.  Our enemies are here and more want in.  I can only hope that we turn the tide and start to chase them before they get the opportunity to attack us.