Pennsylvania School shows the sad state of our educational system by attacking WWII Veterans

By Curtis M. Hendel

It all started not that long ago and my initial impression was that it would be short lived.  I would have never dreamt that it would grow legs and spread like some new virus, infecting all it touched with a disgusting ability to show one’s true ignorance.  But after the first few weeks this virus started to mutate, and instead of dying on the vine, it grew.  It garnered support from its hosts, pushing them deeper into this black hole of narcissism and false activism.

The virus started with a small number of professional athletes.  Most in this group understand that the life they lead is directly tied to our great country.  But a few have delusions of being victims.  Patient Zero was a second string quarterback that had lost his edge in talent and his starting job.  The infection motivated him to protest the National Anthem by kneeling.  Seemed harmless enough, but also pointless.  Anyone with great wealth could surely find ways to invest that wealth in those in need to make a positive change, right?

This movement kept creeping though, and it has landed in colleges and high schools.  Football players and cheerleaders that can’t even grasp the idea of earning their own living are taking a stand against a societal issue that they learn about on the streets and Sports Center.  It is one thing to take a stand when you don’t even understand the issue, but it is another to attack those you will probably never understand.

Cornell High School, located just outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, recently became the most disgusting display of this societal ignorance that we have seen thus far.  The school invited World War II veterans to participate in bringing out the Colors of our nation for the playing of the National Anthem before the game.

High School Superintendent Aaron Thomas was not only aware of the invitation, but also of the protest that was planned.  He knew that some of the cheerleaders planned to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, a sign of blatant disrespect as described in the Flag Code.

When the Star Spangled Banner played the cheerleaders were close to and in view of the veterans.  The veterans who had come from the VFW to present our Colors that night were doing so out of respect for the Flag that stood for so much to them.  That Flag stood for Home when they were spread across the globe getting shot at.  That Flag stood for freedom and the comfort that came with it.  The veterans were blindsided.  That night, and in subsequent interviews, old tough men that had seen the worst of humanity decades ago actually cried.  Say that again, these warriors from the past that had stopped Hitler’s juggernaut and the forces of the Imperial Japanese and other tyrants actually cried from the effects of some high school cheerleaders.

Even after news of the hurt that had been put on some of our nation’s greatest heroes, Superintendent Thomas felt that they had opened a very important dialogue by allowing the protest to go on while not letting the veterans know what was about to hit them.  They feel that they were warranted in what they had done.

Let me tell you what you have done.  Superintendent Thomas, the World War II generation stared the end of freedom in the face.  By the time the United States entered World War II things looked really bad for our side.  If England had not held out there would have been no foothold in Europe from which to operate and stage forces.  The men that saw combat from the ground, air, and seas watched friends blown to pieces as over 405,000 of their comrades were killed, so many more were wounded.  They have lived for 70 years with scars both physical and emotional.

Superintendent Thomas, you and whoever was in this with you targeted the very men that risked their lives to defend the freedoms that allow you to be disrespectful to our home.  You targeted men who, at the least, are 85 years old and have given so much to you.  Yes, they gave to you, what have you done, Sir?  Have you taken the time to teach your students the true meaning of freedom, how fortunate they are, or who had the courage to go out and fight for it?

Those that participated in this stunt are a disgrace to our nation, their district, and their families.  These are people that have probably never understood the idea of putting their lives on the line for those that they will never meet.  It is a sad state of affairs when people like this are in charge of molding young minds into adults.