Hot off the brain cells.....

By Curtis M. Hendel

Mr. President, Lend Me Your Ear…..

It is like a scene from a movie; a beautiful Sunday morning in a city, a police officers makes a traffic stop very close to the Department of Public Safety.  He gets the license and insurance information from the driver, returns to his car and starts to write the citation.  The music becomes a bit dark as a black car pulls up behind the police cruiser and a sinister character exits, walks to the driver’s window where an unsuspecting officer is doing his duty.  The bad guy levels a handgun at the officer, shooting him in the head.  The officer slumps over violently and the man reaches inside and shoots him again.  He heads back to his car and tears off from the scene. 

As stereotypical as this movie scene is there is only one problem; this scene played itself out in San Antonio Texas on the morning of November 20th. It seems surreal, how could this happen in our country?  How could any person living in this country commit such a heinous act against Law Enforcement?

The victim has been identified as 50-year-old Detective Benjamin Marconi, a twenty-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department.  He worked with the Special Victims Unit and was known as a great guy who was also a friend to the Human Rights Campaign.  As of the evening of the 20th there is no motive known.

Several years ago this story would have been unbelievable, but not in 2016.  On the Officer Down Memorial Page it lists Line of Duty deaths at 127 so far this year, up 10%.  But death from gunfire is at 58 for a leap of 71%.  Of those 58, the staggering fact is that almost 20 of those have been killed execution style.  They were assassinated.

The initial result in San Antonio is now you have both the SAPD and Bexar County Sheriff’s Department on edge conducting a manhunt.  Additionally, SAPD has been ordered to not make any traffic stop without a cover car.  So now just to make a “routine” traffic stop the SAPD has to take two cruisers out of commission.  This will surely cut the effectiveness of Law Enforcement in a large city, which will, in turn, hurt the citizens they are sworn to protect.

After the assassination of five officers in Dallas this summer, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the Police Protection Act.  This act would bring about stiffer penalties for those that assault or kill Police Officers and enact education for our youth to try to stem the flow of false and negative information being fed to them.

Through 2016 the question remains, when will our President step up and actually condemn these actions first, and call for harsh legislation to end these killers.  I would love to see a bill that expedites trials, offers one appeal, and then puts to death cop killers.  And if there were found to be connections or aid to these assassins then the result would be minimum life in the harshest federal prison possible.

Mr. President, when will you stand up against cold-blooded executions of our Law Enforcement Officers?  When will you quit blaming police for the problems and realize that our government and celebrities are fueling the War on Police?  When will you stand up for those that offer you security and safety and will be assigned to your family for life?

My last question, when will we use the proper term for killings like these?  When will we call it like it is?  Our LEOs are being assassinated.  Even I had a hard time leaving that word in there….

They need all of us now.