For those that love to use race, the mirror is thy enemy...

By Curtis M. Hendel

Ok, I think that the sign of character is when you speak up when it goes against what you have been defending.  The time for me to face up is here, and here goes.

For two terms, I, and many others, sat and watched a Commander in Chief that took after Law Enforcement every time the opportunity arose.  The Ferguson Missouri case was the pinnacle.  The administration presented Michael Brown as the “Gentle Giant”.  A kid that would never hurt a flea, much less hold a convenience store owner by the throat while stealing a handful of cigars (the evidence which proved this true was only real, not like the facts mattered).  He was shot in the back while holding his hands in the air to surrender, pleading “Hands up, don’t shoot” (which, in every investigation was proven false, he was shot going for an officer’s weapon).  The facts never mattered here, or in so many other cases in which the police “acted stupidly” (to quote President Obama on one case).  So, basically, the war on Law Enforcement was launched from the White House.

But today we see that there is a certain limit to this war.  That limit was found in Minneapolis on the night of July 15th.  On that night, 40 year old Justine Damond, an Australian native and deeply spiritual healer, called Minneapolis PD for help, a possible sexual assault in her alley.

When the patrol arrived, Ms. Damond went to talk with the officers to let them know what she had heard.  Upon moving towards the cruiser the passenger, Officer Mohamed Noor, leaned over his partner and shot Ms. Damond in the stomach, which resulted in her death.

So let’s think about this; white woman gunned down by Officer Noor, the first Somali on the MPD.  Good Morning America has given some updates, but from there we get……Crickets….

The Twin Cities has the greatest concentration of Somali immigrants in the United States.  They have also been the greatest recruiting station for Islamic Terror Groups finding young Somali men to go and fight in Somalia and other Eastern African nations.  The Minneapolis Police Chief, who has recently resigned, set about a program to fast track Noor and others into Law Enforcement positions to “bridge the gap” between the Minneapolis Police Department and the Somali immigrants.

Officer Mohamed Noor, was recently new to the PD.  In this short time he was charged multiple times with problems from his interaction with the community, mainly with females.  If you had to guess it, it would seem that Officer Noor was your typical Islamist, feeling that women were more property than human.

So a human being is dead at the hands of Law Enforcement and it looks bad.  Where in the hell are the groups bent on ending Law Enforcement?  Where is Black Lives Matter?  Any other group?  Why are the Interstates not shut down?  What the hell is going on here?

What is going on is the politics of race and convenience.  So many politicians today only respond when it helps them, personally.  And to the common man or woman that only responds when it is convenient; you are the problem, period.  Your selective enforcement of laws and principals is why we are here today.  So before you blame anyone other than yourself you need to look in the mirror and suffer.  You are as much the reason we are where we are today as anyone else.

Go ahead and blame it on somebody else, we all see through it….