Fool me once; I did NOT see that coming...

By Curtis M. Hendel

Like most people, I have this surprise button deep in my mind that goes off when I am startled.  Like many people, those buttons can break after time.  Whether it is no longer jumping when I see spiders the size of cats or when someone tries to scare me by jumping out from a corner.

I also have a surprise button for people.  It goes one of two ways, either I am surprised by the goodness in people or the lack there of.  When that button breaks, and it has with many people, then there is no surprise left to be had.  I thought that my button had broken for liberals; nothing they could do would surprise me.  No insane or insidious act would every surprise me again.  Then this happened.

From Dominic Mancini, Ashford University; Students Wear White Pins to Remind Them of White Privilege.

Students from Elizabethtown College, a small and private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, are wearing a white pin in the shape of a puzzle piece to remind them of their white privilege.  The Elizabethtown College Democrats are trying to make students be more introspective about issues of race, especially white privilege in their predominantly white region.  Not all students are wearing the pins, only White Students.

Stop for thirty seconds to think about that.  White students are being told to wear pins to remind them that they are privileged.  Think about that.

So, the university is marking a RACE of students for shaming because, as a race, they are privileged.  White Privilege is noted as being a societal privilege in Western countries that white people hold over all others.  It includes all aspects of society.  It has been contrived that this is born with skin color.  In agreeing to wear the pins, the students are admitting that being white is bad and that they are taking advantage of others just by being white.

Need another breath?  Imagine that you have a family member going to college there and that they had been “marked for shame” by the university.  Yeah, we can go there now.

In the 1930’s, instead of realizing that trying to use World War I to conquer much of Europe was bad, and that in losing that war the Germans were crushed by the Allies and they kind of deserved it, they went another direction.  A political party started to revise history and make other parts disappear.  Then they found a class of people to blame for their problems.  This class of people obviously were taking advantage of business opportunities and hoarding wealth.  It was unfair, had they helped the enemy in World War I to gain this “privilege”?  That rumor didn’t matter, something had to be done.

So they marked them, every one of them that was a member of this group.  They humiliated them and destroyed their businesses.  They treated them like they were the problem, and they marked them, with a yellow Star of David.  Remember that from the history books?

When young minds leave home for the first time some head to the military.  They are built into soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in Boot Camp and trained to be strong, disciplined, and deadly.  Many times before they turn 19.

Others head to college, many times liberal colleges with radical staff and groups bent on changing our nation from the inside out.  These young minds are educated and cultivated, many times in revisionist history and extensive training in how to find their safe space.  These young minds are trained in the ways of socialists, communists, and radical ideologies.

In the last several years race relations have been set back decades.  The Confederate Battle Flag was held as a symbol of hate while Black Lives Matter was seen as a progressive movement looking for judgment.  That flag adorned many a redneck’s back pickup windows, BLM called for the trashing of neighborhoods, random killing of white people, and the assassination of police officers.

I know many, many white kids, born to lower and middle class families that fight for everything they earn.  They strive to make a better life for themselves and better yet for their children.  Many of them just can’t get a break, much less the benefit of White Privilege.  There are great numbers of rich athletes, singers, actors, and so many more professional minority members that bring children in to the word born of the privilege of their parent’s success.   And no, I can’t give you a percentage of whites born in the Appalachians or black children born in Chicago that will never have great wealth.  But to label all whites as privileged and all minorities as societal victims is asinine.

College students being “marked” to show they carry shame for being born the wrong skin color.  Not only do they see the pin themselves, but also any minority student can now look down on them as shameful.  This is certainly not a good way to bring groups together; it is another move at separating the races.  Is it ignorance?  No, I see it as part of a plan to continue the fundamental change of our nation.  From a great, proud people that came from across the globe and assimilated now changing to a mish mash of differing cultures, languages and laws, splintered as to never be strong enough to be called to bring peace to the world again.

The idea of the white pin is not that of a societal experiment, we need to call it what it is: Racism.  Selecting people by their race for a shame experiment is Racism.  To the Elizabethtown College Democrats, you are no better than the KKK in the early 20th Century.  You are not great champions of justice, you are racist pigs.  Enjoy your slop!