Chicken Little Spotted on East and West Coast

By Curtis M. Hendel

On November 8th, 2016, the voters of America spoke, and they spoke loud.  It was a long shot that Donald Trump would survive the primaries, but it was a complete gamble that he could actually beat Hillary Clinton.  But he did.

Eight years ago, John McCain was the Republican nominee with Sara Palin at his side.  They faced a young candidate that had little experience in government and even less in the civilian world.  Barack Obama had all the smoothness and charisma that it would take to sway the American voter.  It seemed like a long shot at best.  Not only did he have little experience, but he was an African American, he would be the first black President.

In the wake of the great defeat conservatives stepped back and wondered where they had gone wrong and where Obama would take us.  We were concerned for the next four years, but we spent more time beating up ourselves than anybody else.  And then the NEXT four years of Obama happened.  Still, nothing out of the ordinary.

Now it’s 2016 and the shoe is on the other foot, kind of.  Hillary Clinton was a juggernaut that could not be stopped.  It was her turn.  Even the President, that had spoken terribly of here four years earlier, talked of how she was the absolute most qualified candidate anywhere.  She had the money, the infrastructure, and the momentum all through the debates.  It was hers to loose.

E+1. Well, she lost.  The nation stood in shock, Trump supporters were jubilant, and the press just couldn’t grasp what had happened.  Protests broke out, but nobody from her campaign was arguing, it was obvious he had won.  But then the press and race baiters everywhere started it, “the uneducated white man had elected Donald Trump”.

E+2.  It is obvious to them now, it had to be racism that elected Donald Trump, it was all that could have happened.  The women that voted for him were obviously stupid.  Hispanics that voted for him were traitors to their people.  The sky was falling now.  Social media was abuzz with people spouting things like “Hey N******, don’t burn down our stuff, it was the white man that did this, burn down their communities”.  Death threats came from everywhere.

E+3.  Veteran’s Day.  The nation stopped to honor our veterans while others protested and spouted racial slurs against the white devil.  In the real world, Donald Trump had met with the President and was incredibly, Presidential…  He was gracious to the man that had said so many terrible things about him.  He was gracious to Hillary and had asked that we respect her service to our nation.  The mouth was gone, did half the electorate make the right choice?

E+4.  Saturday Night Live was new.  It was stunning.  It opened with Kate McKinnen in her Hillary role, but at a piano singing a serious song about how hard she had tried and been so honest and perfect.  It ended with “I am not done yet”.  Then Dave Chappell came in to host and talked for over ten minutes about the racist Midwesterners and how the country had taken a massive step towards bringing slavery back, as I understood him.  The rest of the show was much the same.  I have to say, the Post 9/11 show that they thought they might postpone was more upbeat than this one.  It was as though the apocalypse was upon us.

In the last 8 years we have seen the rise of open borders and lack of immigration enforcement, the acceptance and legalization of gay marriage and beginning of the legalization of marijuana.  Socialized medicine has been the law of the land, our military has been gutted, debt doubled and mass shootings skyrocketed.  Law enforcement is in the crosshairs.  Have you seen citizens protesting the government and tearing things up, demanding the assassination of the President?  No, we haven’t.

But now they have lost an election.  An unconventional candidate has risen and beaten the one that should have ascended to the Presidency as though a prophecy had put her there.  The initial response was tears, a high school that walked out, and colleges setting up counseling sessions for students that needed help with a Trump Presidency.  That turned in to the only answer, it was racism.

In the last 8 years race relations in this nation have plummeted along with the relationship between the police and their communities.  The basis for this has been lies.  Michael Brown in Ferguson was the perfect example.  The press pushed a story of a “gentle giant” being gunned down from behind by a racist cop.  The real story was Michael Brown the strong arm robber with stolen cigars walking down the middle of the street attacking a cop and trying to get his gun.

So today we have people who believe the lies and follow the race baiters.  We have opportunists who are racist themselves using anything to fire up young black men to help fire the race war that they want.  Most of the protesters are useful idiots, not really understanding much about the world or politics but willing to fight “the man” like the radials of fifty years ago.

So is the sky falling?  I don’t think so.  Donald Trump is not going to tear the world apart any more than the promise that Ronald Reagan was going to get us into a nuclear war.  We just may end up being a little stronger and easy to respect on the world’s stage.  Those who use fear against us will try to keep us off balance so that we can’t right the ship.  Work to avoid that.

So what do we do?  Hold your children and loved ones close, keep your routines and don’t let the crazies in the world push you off your path.  Stand tall on your beliefs, even if they aren’t the same as mine.  The two party system was put in place to keep the balance of power alive.  Too much of one side and we become facist, too much of the other and we become communists.  Let our system do the job.  Career politicians are a handful, but they are also part of the way this thing works.  If you don’t like something, find a way to put together a safe and legal method to find the fix.

For God’s sake, stop hating each other on skin color or who they vote for.  You can dislike somebody for being an idiot, but not hurt our nation on the world’s stage.  Just honestly love your country….