An Enemy Within?

Early on in this election some tried to tie the political rise of Donald Trump with the rise of Adolph Hitler.  They have even tried to bait supporters into acts that make them look like the Brown Shirts.  Most people never bought into this line, but the surfacing of the comparison could become important in the near future.  Adolph Hitler fundamentally changed Germany from a 19th Century European power into a 20th Century military juggernaut.  The result of all of his work, of course, was a tremendous defeat and decades of separation for her people.

Take a look at our nation and you see a world superpower that seems to be in decline.  But how do you defeat a country as strong as we are?  It can’t come from the outside; it has to come from the inside.  So would a Trump presidency result in the fall of the United States of America?  I don’t believe so; I believe that the threat is coming from the side that is doing the finger pointing.

The destruction of our country would have to be peaceful in nature.  We have too many gun owners for a government takeover.  Even the Japanese in World War II knew that an invasion of America was pointless because there was a “Gun behind every blade of grass”.  So to fundamentally change our nation you would have to find ways to chip away at the very foundation of our nation itself. It would take time and patience. 

So where would this “Trojan Horse”, of sorts, start?  I guess that one is easy:

Some time ago, “the separation of church and state” was invented.  I say invented because the phrase was actually “freedom from state sponsored religion”.  That is, the government cannot tell you that we will all be Catholics or Protestants or Baptists.  That’s it; we have the freedom to practice our beliefs, even if it is Buddhism or Shintoism or whatever we believe.  Nowhere does it order the removal of God from all government buildings.  The idea of the left was that removing all remnants of God and spirituality from public/government places would allow their beliefs, such as easy abortion, to grow on us.  This line has gotten so bad that they even try to remove group prayers from members of the military going on dangerous combat missions.  Unfortunately they have accomplished most of this point.

But even as we have worked very hard to dilute all that is Christianity in our world, we have become hypersensitive to another faith. In the last several years we have had an open door policy to those of the Islamic faith and many have bowed every time they want something changed.  Traditionally, if you had come to our country you would be expected to assimilate.  Now we bend every time we are challenged.  We are working so hard to be politically correct that few of our “leaders” will even refer to our enemy as radical Islam.

The issue of faith is a big one, but there are many more that are happening today.  I believe that all of them are connected in some sick way, even if the same leaders are not directing each action.

A great place to start is with the war on Police.  Let’s face it; we are a nation of laws.  Our society and freedoms have always depended on our people living great lives within the rule of law.  I know that this is not a popular stance right now, but we really follow the basic rules laid out in the Ten Commandments.  Many men and women put on a uniform every day to enforce these simple rules and at the same time lay their lives on the line.  Ever since the Connecticut incident with the professor, our President has sided with the perception, not the facts.  Remember the phrase “The police acted stupidly”?  Now we have had flat out lies when criminals are dealt with and the assassination of law enforcement officers.

We were all told that the election of Barack Obama would certainly turn the page on a new day that would see all races treated equally.  We would certainly “bury the hatchet” on many issues and move forward as one people.  The exact opposite has happened.  The relationship between black and white has not been this bad in decades and the bomb throwers are politicians, radical political leaders, and extremist groups like Black Lives Matter and others.

From these racial overtones came a big one.  Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers started it.  Instead of standing in respect to the National Anthem, he took a knee.  A mixed race, overpaid athlete that was raised by white parents and given every opportunity to succeed was kneeling to protest the treatment of African Americans by the police.  For this 19 million dollar man to act like he is one with the people is a disgrace.  Unfortunately this protest has spread to the point where a Pennsylvania high school invited World War II veterans to present the Colors knowing that cheerleaders were going to kneel.  The result crushed the veterans, bringing them to tears.  That is the battle line, so far to the left that even the heroes of World War II are a worthy target. 

Some great hypocrisy have found their way into this battle of our nation’s soul.  Within the two great problems of Radical Islam and gun rights comes one of the greatest lies ever.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that Radical Islam is a problem, but politicians don’t want to say that.  They tell you to look beyond religion and not stereotype Muslims.  Now when a mass shooting happens, no matter what the back-story is, it is blamed on gun owners.  Where is the “don’t profile” benefit of the doubt that was given to Muslims?

Continue with the war on marriage.  In this one, the war is for the LGBT community to have the same rights as a traditional married couple.  Long ago, marriage was set about as the bond between a man and a woman, choosing to spend their lives together as man and wife.  The beef is that gay and lesbian couples should have the same rights to marriage as anyone else.  When the idea of civil unions was brought to the table, where the legal rights were the same but it was still not marriage, which was not good enough.  Again, our foundations were forced to change.

The list goes on and on, of course.  The rise of the Kardashians, the worship of Bruce Jenner putting on a dress as brave, and vulgar rap stars being invited into the White House.  Where does it all end?

Singularly, these issues are just a laundry list of stupidity that we laugh at or are disgusted by.  But put them together, assemble them as a movement, and they become a battering ram against the very foundations of what has made us a great nation.  It becomes the death of a thousand cuts.

As a people, we need to be prepared and willing to stand on our principals.  We don’t need to vilify or pass judgment on those we don’t understand, but we must also be willing to call a threat a threat and not worry about offending anybody.  We must also be willing to stand against the hate that will call us racists and bigots and Islamophobes without selling out.

Our great nation has seen much turmoil and faced many threats in 240 years.  We have survived World Wars, Communism, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and so much more.  We can surely survive this Trojan Horse that is attacking us from within.  We just need that good old fashioned, hardcore American grit and determination that have carried us before.

Godspeed America, it’s gut check time!