About Us

Patriot Network TV is committed to explore and educate all of us on the foundational challenges to our American way of life. The battle is much larger than partisanship arguments; rather it is between the two classes now in American society. The Ruling Class is made up of career government politicians and bureaucrats, academia, big business, and the media. The other group is the Country Class - the People. Through their own conception of their superiority, and by accumulating power and control, this Ruling Class dominates public affairs and encroaches ever more deeply into the details of our lives and liberties. It is the classic pattern of tyrants. This group sees themselves as the elite, above the laws and the Constitution, and is hostile to the Judeo-Christian foundations of American society, traditions, and worldview. 

Patriot Network TV provides critical information, focused speeches and interviews, research material, and up-to-date analyses of current events that are affecting America today. Cultural issues, moral challenges, strategic discussions, economic developments and trends are all presented to inform and then energize to action all American patriots. We the People are the basic key to America's success and survival and Patriot Network TV stands shoulder to shoulder with each of you dedicated to our beloved nation.